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          2. 中文 | English
            Test for reproductive toxicity
            Test for in vitro cytotoxicity
            Test for sensitization
            Test for irritation
            Tests for systemic toxicity
            Pyrogenicity test
            Test for genotoxicity
            Test for carcinogenicity
            Test for local effects after implantation
            Tests for interactions with blood
            Immunotoxicity test
            Bio-degrade test

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            Pyrogenicity test

                Pyrogenicity is the ability of a chemical agent or other substance to produce a febrile reponse. Pyrogenic responses may be material-mediated, endotoxin-mediated, or mediated by other substances, such as components of gram-positive bacteria and fungi.

            Method of Pyrogenicity test: Rabbit pyrogen test, TAL test




            Up:Tests for systemic toxicity

            Down:Test for genotoxicity


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