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            Test for reproductive toxicity
            Test for in vitro cytotoxicity
            Test for sensitization
            Test for irritation
            Tests for systemic toxicity
            Pyrogenicity test
            Test for genotoxicity
            Test for carcinogenicity
            Test for local effects after implantation
            Tests for interactions with blood
            Immunotoxicity test
            Bio-degrade test

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            Test for sensitization

                There are currently two animal assays available for the determination of the skin sensitizing potential of chemicals. The two most commonly used methods for testing for skin sensitization are the Guinea Pig Maximization Test (GPMT) and the closed-patch test (Buehler test). The maximization test is the most sensitive method. The closed-patch test is suitable for topical products.

            Methods of sensitization includingGPMT, Buehler test,LLNA




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